Completed RWB Builds

Building a Rauh-Welt Begriff

What is a Porsche RWB build?

A Porsche RWB build is a magical experience for both the owners an the motoring enthusiasts who get to witness the build.

It is the process of taking a air-cool Porsche and installing what is one of the most desired Porsche bodykits to it.

Although that may all sound rather simple, it is not – from the initial contact with RWB Japan, to ordering the kit and finally the installation process -the RWB conversion is something special and something that has gained global attention.

The RWB Porsche Build Process

Thanks to modern technology and the power of the internet, you may think its a common thing to convert your Porsche into a RWB however this is not the case.

To build an RWB you would first have to contact the local RWB representative shop or person for example RWB USA or a shop that has the connect to RWB Japan.

Once that is done and the RWB kit options are chosen to suit your car, a deposit is needed to get you spot in the RWB build line-up but before the kit is shipped, payment in full is required.

Once the kit is shipped you would like have an estimate of a build date, this is when Akira-Nakia will fly to your location and start the build process. The RWB installation will most likely happen at the RWB representatives shop unless the customer has a specific and suitable location for the build

The price of the RWB transformation is purely for the kit and the installation, paint and prep of the car is not included and this is the same with the suspension, wheels and engine setup.

Once your new car is prepped, tuned and the RWB is installed – Akira-Nakia will personally drive your car and ensure the kit is setup correctly with minor tweaks to suit each drivers style or goals

What Porsche can be used for an RWB build?

At the moment there are 5 variants of the the Porsche that can be transformed into an RWB Master piece.

All of these are apart of the Porsche 911 range – the models include the Porsche 930, 964 and 993. The Porsche 964 platform is used in both the RWB 911 Narrow style and RWB 964 Wide Body.

A water-cooled Porsche 997 is currently been used to develop what could be the next chapter in the RWB story.

RWB Porsche 930 Wide Body

This wide body kit for the Porsche 911 (930) is what started it all. The legendary “Stella” car owned by Nakai-san himself is a RWB 930 Wide Body.

RWB Porsche 911 Narrow Style

This RWB body kit is designed for street use offering owners of the Porsche 930/964 a more tame, “narrower”, wide body style.

RWB 964

RWB Porsche 964 Wide Body

An evolution of the 930 RWB kit featuring the same aggressive fender flares and wing. This variant receives different front and rear bumper styles to complement the rest of the car.

RWB 993

RWB Porsche 993 Wide Body

The RAUH-Welt Begriff 993 Body Kit is the widest, most aggressive of them all

RWB 997

RWB Porsche 997

Although not officially unveiled or complete yet, we have seen a few teasers of the new RWB 997 body style, this will be the first water cooled RWB Porsche