What is an RWB Porsche?

RWB or RAUH-Welt Begriff is a Japaneses car tuning company, founded by Akira Nakai-San in the 90’s. RAUH-Welt Begriff translated means “Rough World Concept”. Most famous for their signature wide-body air-cooled Porsche’s and the manner in which Akira Nakai installs each kit personally on site. Each RWB car is unique and receives a name from Akira and no two cars will ever be the same. The car is setup based on…

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The RWB registry – RAUH-Welt begriff

Foreword Welcome to the RWB registry, here you will find a regularly updated list of all the RWB builds across the globe. This site contains a lot of information about RWB, Akira Nakia and the RWB builds. We will try to link each car to the owners social media. We have created web pages containing the registry as well as blog pots so feel free to browse the site and en…

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