The RWB registry – RAUH-Welt begriff

The RWB registry – RAUH-Welt begriff


Welcome to the RWB registry, here you will find a regularly updated list of all the RWB builds across the globe.

This site contains a lot of information about RWB, Akira Nakia and the RWB builds. We will try to link each car to the owners social media. We have created web pages containing the registry as well as blog pots so feel free to browse the site and en

We will try get each cars name and number according to its location. If you have any information or want to contribute – send us an email or comment below.

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Lets get started…

The RWB registry

RWB Australia

Australia currently has 7 RWB builds stretched across the massive Continent

#1 – Southern Cross ‘SoCro’ –

#2 – Chigiri –

#3 – Kodachi –

#4 – OSHO – The King

#5 – MAYU – Superiority – A red Targa and Australia’s first backdate RWB

#6 – Incomplete*

#7 – Incomplete*

For more RWB Australia news and builds visit – Perth’s Finest

RWB New Zealand

New Zealand currently has 3 RWB builds –

#1 Waikato – A Blue RWB Porsche 930 ( which started life as a charcoal RWB and is now blue sporting a livery )

#2 Hekigyoku –

#3 Ginga -Although not a true NZ build, this RWB is as just as much a part of the family as any other.

For more RWB New Zealand news and builds visit – Perth’s Finest

#1 –

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