What is an RWB Porsche?

RWB or RAUH-Welt Begriff is a Japaneses car tuning company, founded by Akira Nakai-San in the 90’s. RAUH-Welt Begriff translated means “Rough World Concept”. Most famous for their signature wide-body air-cooled Porsche’s and the manner in which Akira Nakai installs each kit personally on site.

Each RWB car is unique and receives a name from Akira and no two cars will ever be the same. The car is setup based on needs and requirements but also the personality of the owner which is derived from the personal installation process. Each customer is only entitled to one RWB build.

Due to the personal installation and world-wide attention, the RWB waiting list is said to be about 2 years, with parts needing to be fabricated  to suit your car and payment required in full on application.

A typical RWB kit usually includes a new front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, wheel arches, spoilers and suspension setup.

Each RAUH-Welt Begriff kit is ceremonially finished with the RAUH-Welt windshield banner being applied.